Workshop Topics

The below workshops derive from The 7 Secrets of the Prolific foundational syllabus, and all can be customized to your audience’s needs. Please email me if you are interested in having me present a session to your student, faculty, or other academic group. – Hillary

Free to Achieve: How to Liberate Yourself and Others from Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Blocks

For everyone. Learn the deep mechanisms of procrastination, perfectionism, and other causes of writing and work underproductivity, and how they can be overcome.

How to Help Students Succeed

For faculty and others who wish to help undergraduate or graduate students work more easily and enthusiastically, and finish their writing and other projects on time. Learn the most common barriers to student underproductivity, including procrastination, perfectionism, ambivalence, internalized oppression, and fear caused by traumatic rejections, and how one can support students in overcoming them. Also, techniques for helping students to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

From Andante to Vivace: Productivity “Power Tools” That Will Help You Boost Your Writing Tempo

For everyone. Learn how to increase your writing output many fold, while at the same time enjoying writing more than ever! We’ll break down the writing process into its component stages, including conceptualization, drafting, revision, and submission, and provide tips for improving your performance on each. The result is often an unbelievable increase in writing output!

Creating a Context for Success

For everyone. Learn how to recognize, organize, and optimize the dozens of internal, tangible, and community resources required for optimal work performance and personal success.

Rejection-Proof Your Career

For everyone. Learn how to recognize and defuse the kinds of traumatic rejections that are a prime cause of underproductivity and blocks. Also, how to develop maximum resilience and constructively criticize others.

Values-Based Time Management

For everyone. Learn how to align your actions with your values so you can achieve your important life’s goals and enjoy professional and personal success moment by moment.