Don’t Procrastinate by Going to School, or Staying in School

One final piece of advice is not to procrastinate by going to school, or staying in school. I see people who do this all the time, and some of them wind up with multiple degrees, and a boatload of debt, but no solid career prospects.

This falls squarely under the category of procrastination mimicking productive work (Chapter 1.8). The “educational procrastinator” always seems to believe that it’s the next degree or certificate that will greatly improve his odds of employment, and so getting that degree always seems like the right idea. Only, he’s not really motivated by the need for the degree so much as a fear that he won’t be able to find work, or won’t succeed in the work world.

I fully understand the desires both to stay permanently in school, and to avoid the work world; still, for someone who needs to earn a living, these are not options. Also, staying in school out of fear is not the same as staying because you love learning: it is a fear-based strategy likely to yield a life of bitter disappointment.

If you believe you are unemployable, or don’t know how to do an effective job search, download my free ebook, It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy: The HIAPy Guide to Finding Work from Also, get a good career coach.

For those terrified of a dronelike life doing meaningless work in cubicles, educate yourself on the many interesting and meaningful types of organizations out there, including nonprofit and community organizations, health organizations, and start-up businesses. Many would welcome a creative and ambitious candidate from a nontraditional background, particularly if you’ve got a relevant volunteer gig or two under your belt.